Let’s Talk About How Dental Implants Work


Nowadays, dental implants are the IT treatment for missing teeth — given their appearance, durability, and other benefits. Among other options for replacing permanent teeth, dental implants stand apart. If you, too, are facing the issue of missing teeth, you may qualify for teeth implants. However, it may be hard to comprehend what makes this treatment different. Hence, carry on reading to learn how dental implants work.

How Long Does A Dental Implant Procedure Take

Before the day of your teeth implant process arrives, the dental team will make sure to brief you regarding what it involves. The dental implant procedure will take several weeks, as it includes the following steps:

    1. Surgery: After you have been examined and considered eligible for the procedure, the dental implant process starts with surgery. You may sit through dental implant surgery for an hour or more for each implant; the oral surgeon will put you under anesthesia to make sure you don’t feel any pain or discomfort. Then, you will have to wait for osseointegration — the process in which titanium post will fuse with the dental bone.
    2. Abutment: Next comes the time to place the abutment in the second session. The second appointment is scheduled once the titanium root integrates with the body. For the abutment to settle, you will once again wait for a few weeks till the next appointment.
    3. Crown: After the titanium root, as well as the abutment, are in position, comes the time for the final step with the help of a dental crown. The final step involves playing with the crown, and you will be done with the dental implant procedure.

In case you have insufficient bone mass, your oral surgeon will perform a bone graft before the dental implant surgery. This way, your jaw will be strong and healthy enough to support an implant.

How Your Dental Implants Work

Now, to answer the question, let’s discuss how dental implants actually work. In simple terms, dental implants are directly attached to one’s jawbone and stimulate bone production as you chew or bite. As a result, dental implants save the jawbone from deterioration. That’s not all — dental implants have many benefits other than keeping the natural facial structure intact and preventing bone loss, which include:

  • You do not have to take out dental implants every night, unlike dentures. This is because they are drilled into the jaw bone and fused with the surrounding bone!
  • Dental implants feel natural in your mouth, just like real teeth.
  • They stay in place, which makes you feel at ease and comfortable.
  • There’s no complicated maintenance; you simply have to brush, floss, and have regular dental cleaning and checkups.

Dental Implants Lifespan

With adequate oral care and dental hygiene, your dental implants can last up to 20 and 30 years. Since they are meant to be a permanent solution for missing teeth, implants bond with the surrounding tissue and act as an artificial tooth root.

Final Word

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