5 Cavity Symptoms To Look Out For

Mar 15, 20230 Views

When decay stays neglected, it can erode your tooth further and further. Slowly, a hole appears in your tooth as the decay progresses into a cavity. This is because plaque and bacteria eat away the outer layer of your teeth, reaching the layers underneath and even the dental pulp. But, how to tell if you […]

7 Reasons Why Your Filling Hurts After Months

Feb 28, 20230 Views

Many patients wonder, ‘Why does my filling hurt after months?’ When decay and injury cause painful symptoms, tooth filling comes to the rescue and alleviates your discomfort. So when you experience tooth pain months after the procedure, it could be concerning. In this blog, we will mention why you may have teeth sensitivity months after […]

Is Invisalign an Effective Method to Fix Overbite?

Feb 15, 20230 Views

Do your front teeth protrude out? You might have an overbite. Dental malocclusions like an overbite can lead to issues with teeth. Genetics, stubborn baby teeth, and excessive use of pacifiers or thumbsucking could be the cause of an overbite. Your dentist will recommend treatment depending on the severity of your overbite. Oftentimes, invisalign is […]

What Is A Dead Tooth?

Jan 30, 20230 Views

Sometimes due to trauma or decay, the nerves inside your tooth’s pulp can be damaged and stop the supply of blood to the tooth. An infection can develop and cause the death of a nerve, resulting in a non-vital tooth or dead tooth. What Are The Symptoms Of A Dead Tooth? Discoloration If you notice […]

What is Calculus Bridge? Types, Formation, Side-Effects, & Removal

Jan 15, 20230 Views

If you have a habit of not brushing your teeth after eating or drinking something starchy or sugary, a sticky thin film may begin covering your teeth. This food debris mixes with your mouth bacteria, releasing acids that metabolize the carbohydrates present in your food and drinks. The combination of acids, carbohydrates, and bacteria forms […]

4 Steps to Get Dental Implants — Are they Painful?

Oct 30, 20220 Views

Are you terrified of your visit to the dentist for your implant surgery? You might have googled what the procedure involves, only to see images of screws drilled into jaws. But remember, the first impression is not always the last. Hence, if you’re wondering, ‘Are dental implants painful?’, carry on reading the blog to learn […]