Why Do My Bottom Teeth Feel Ticklish?

Jun 30, 2024105 Views

People are more aware of their oral health these days. Pain is a major sign of dental issues. However, they analyze even the smallest indicators of dental problems. Such as “Why do my bottom teeth feel ticklish?” While mild tingling usually isn’t a big concern, it’s still important to see a dentist to find out […]

How Long Do Dental Bridges Last

Jun 15, 2024120 Views

Dentists often call dental bridges “Permanent bridges,” which can be confusing. The catch is they are called permanent because only a dentist can remove them. So, if your dentist recommended dental bridges as your solution to your missing teeth, you might wonder, “How long do dental bridges last?” No dental bridges usually last a lifetime. […]

How Long Can You Keep Your Teeth with Periodontal Disease?

May 30, 202477 Views

Suppose your dentist just told you that you have a gum disease. Gum works as an anchor that keeps your teeth firmly attached to your mouth. Knowing that gum disease can loosen that grip often raises the question: “How long can you keep your teeth with periodontal disease?” The chances of tooth loss increase when […]

When Can You Eat After Fluoride Treatment

May 16, 2024160 Views

When Can You Eat After Fluoride Treatment Your dentist might have mentioned how important fluoride is for keeping your teeth healthy. It’s like a protective shield that teams up with brushing and flossing to fight off bad bacteria on your teeth. Sometimes, dentists give extra-strong fluoride treatments to make it even more defensive. But “When […]

My Crown Fell Out, But it Doesn’t Hurt — Is it a Dental Emergency?

Jun 30, 20238483 Views

When your tooth is severely decayed, weakened, or even stained, a dental crown can help shield it against external factors. Designed to resemble your natural teeth, the crown silently takes its place and can last for years, given that you follow a proper oral care routine. However, it is not uncommon for the dental crown […]

Let’s Talk About How Dental Implants Work

Jun 15, 2023446 Views

Nowadays, dental implants are the IT treatment for missing teeth — given their appearance, durability, and other benefits. Among other options for replacing permanent teeth, dental implants stand apart. If you, too, are facing the issue of missing teeth, you may qualify for teeth implants. However, it may be hard to comprehend what makes this […]

After Professional Teeth Cleaning — When Is the Right Time to Eat?

May 30, 2023441 Views

Twice every year comes the time to visit your dental office for a routine professional dental cleaning, something that ensures that your mouth remains free of tooth decay and other issues. With teeth cleaning, your dentist eliminates plaque, tartar, and any signs of cavities away. Your teeth will feel squeaky clean after the procedure, and […]

Invisalign Vs. Braces — 4 Factors That Separate Them

May 15, 2023393 Views

Do you have misaligned teeth? A lot of dental problems may result from your teeth being in improper alignment. If you notice that your bite doesn’t occlude properly, it is always best to visit an orthodontist. Braces are a popular option for shifting teeth into the right position, but there is another orthodontic treatment that […]

What are the Benefits of Fluoride Treatments for Teeth?

Apr 30, 2023333 Views

Many individuals do not know this, but fluoride is good for your teeth. This mineral has what your teeth need to become healthy and strong. By nourishing your teeth, fluoride helps prevent dental concerns such as tooth decay and weakness. In fact, it is also known as nature’s cavity fighter! Fluoride works to strengthen your […]

Why Are My Gums Bleeding? 7 Possible Causes & How to Treat Them

Apr 15, 2023342 Views

Do you have bleeding gums? Imagine getting ready for bed, looking forward to a deep slumber, only to realize — your gums are bleeding when flossing! Now, instead of sleeping, you are starting to panic; what could be responsible for your bleeding gums? Before you assume the worst, there are many reasons why blood is […]


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