4 Steps to Get Dental Implants — Are they Painful?


Are you terrified of your visit to the dentist for your implant surgery? You might have googled what the procedure involves, only to see images of screws drilled into jaws. But remember, the first impression is not always the last. Hence, if you’re wondering, ‘Are dental implants painful?’, carry on reading the blog to learn about the procedure. This way, you’ll be prepared for the surgery and know it is not half as bad as it sounds.

Are Dental Implants Procedures Painful?

To know the truth about dental implants, you need to be familiar with what happens during the surgery.

What Happens in a Dental Implant Surgery?

  1. Extraction: First, the patient’s natural tooth is removed before they get dental implants. This is done when there’s no other way of saving the tooth. Sometimes, the tooth extraction takes place way earlier before getting the implants.
  2. Bone Graft: In the next step, your dentist will not just jump into placing the implant. Instead, they’ll prepare the area with a bone graft, especially if your jawbone is too soft or thin. The bone graft will help support and encourage bone production, strengthening the jawbone. In addition, the bone graft procedure will ensure that the implant integrates with the bone without any trouble.
  3. Surgery & Osseointegration: Then comes the dental implant surgery. Your dental professional will drill a hole into your jawbone for the dental implant. Next, they’ll fit the metal post — which works as an artificial tooth root — into the hole. After the metal post is placed, it will require some time to osseointegrate. In simple words, the bone from your jaw would need some time to grow through the post. This process can take months, but it is crucial to ensure a healthy and stable implant.
  4. Placing the Abutment: Once the osseointegrate is over, your oral healthcare provider will place the abutment. It is the connector between the dental implant and the artificial tooth. In some cases, the dentist will need to perform minor surgery to attach the abutment. This is a minor surgery that might cause minimal pain.

Is Dental Implant Painful?

You will be put under an anesthetic during your dental impants surgery, which means it will not be painful. So, no, getting dental implants is typically not painful. However, you might experience some pain after the numbness wears off, as it involves trauma to both your gums and your jaw. Dental professionals usually give pain medications to reduce the pain at your implant site. Moreover, getting a single implant might hurt less than getting multiple. If your dental implants continue hurting after 10 days, consult your dentist immediately. After your dental implant surgery, make sure to eat soft foods in the first few days. You can ask your dentist for instructions regarding your diet post-surgery.

Not to mention, how painful your dental implants are will also depend on your specific case. This includes how healthy your gums are and your individual threshold for pain.

What’s the Takeaway?

In conclusion, dental implants and the process involved are typically not painful. However, the surgery involves dental work on your gums and jaw bone, which can cause discomfort later on. If you continue to experience pain after 10 days, it could indicate an issue. Therefore, visit your dental specialist when (951) 579-1010 a complication occurs. Our Lake Elsinore Dentistry team works with you to ensure that your oral health remains good. Dial 951-579-1010 to give us a ring.


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